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Creating a cube from an ODM database :

BWC has put together a thorough user manual which provides instructions on how to connect to a data cube through Excel 2003 and 2007. BWC User Manual

To use the USGS cube of the EPA STORET cube download the Excel 2007 book. It has preconfigured pivot table access to the USGS and EPA STORET cube. The USGS connection is on sheet one, the EPA STORET connection is on sheet 2. Click on the USGS Cube or EPA Cube links below if you want more information about the structure of these cubes.

You must have Excel 2007 to use the preconfigured pivot table. If you have Excel 2003 then you will have to set up the pivot table connection yourself. To do this get the password from the geospatial team and follow the instructions in the user manual created by the Berkeley Water Center.

When you download open the Excel spreadsheet you should click on the Security Warning and select Enable this Content.
Excel Pivot Table

For pivot table access to other cubes through Excel you need to know the server, username and password.

The server is
The username is cubeuser.
To get the password you must contact a member of the SDSC Spatial group.

Data Cube Documentation


projects to build datacube on disrupter: S:\Projects\DataCubes

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