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Google Earth & HIS

Modified on 2008/05/09 10:58 by kimschreuders Categorized as Community Developed
Peter Fitch of CSIRO in Canberra has developed a web application that reads our WaterOneFlow services and maps them in Google Earth (!). Go to the following address:

and put a WSDL address in the open box, e.g.

And you zoom in to the testbed site (in this case the St Anthony Falls Laboratory testbed on Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis) (see slides for how to zoom in)

If you click on a site you get the metadata about what is measured there and if you click on GetData you get a plot, as shown in the slides.

You can save the kml file you create in "Temporary Places" in Google Earth as part of your "Places" and then its there whenever you fire up Google Earth.

You need to download the latest version of Google Earth to make this work fully (e.g. the graph plot).

Very cool!!! Thanks Peter!!!!

Best regards

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