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What Is HIS Central

HIS Central is a place where one can register WaterOneFlow web services with the CUAHSI system. Registering on HIS Central is a way of notifying CUAHSI HIS of these web services so that their data can be served through search and delivery applications such as HydroSeek. It is also a place to document/view important metadata about networks.

HIS Central resides at:

At HIS Central, you will see a list of registered web services, along with links for details about each item, and links to the providing organization.

For information about WaterOneFlow web services, see WaterOneFlow. If you have an Observations Data Model database, you can implement WaterOneFlow web services for that database using CUAHSI's Generic Web Services Software.

HIS Central Links

HIS Central Development

HIS Central Documentation

HIS Central Redesign

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