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Wiki - Why a Wiki

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Why do I want a Wiki? I would like a central repository for notes. These notes become the framework for design documents, and documentation. As a developer and a system administrator, I work on multiple machines with multiple platforms. The most common denominator is the network. The next is that there is a web browser. Also, my notes are generally text based, since a text editor is available on all platforms, and generally, a text editor does not screw with the source code within a document. It not try to correct the capitalization, or expand abbreviations.

Basically, when I am working on an issue at a machine that is not my desktop, I don't have to wait til I back to my machine with the proper version of word to document the solution.

Most wiki's work on a common format that can be close text document.

=== A Heading ===
* List 1
** List A
* List 2

Table Below
| Column 1 row 1| Column 2 row 1|
| Column 1 row 2 | Column 2 row 2 |

In addition, many wiki's allow for source code formating, which means that code (c#, XML) will be "pretty printed".

The Basics

So this is why would like to have a wiki as the knowledge repository.
  • Central Repository
  • Unstructured Notes
  • Almost Plain Text
  • Source Code Formatting
  • Force a simple document formating, you only have headings, list, bold, italics.
  • forces you to break up information into manageable pieces.

Why Not?
  • Does not do Microsoft Word
    • spell check is not integrated (unless you use Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari)
  • yet another markup language to learn
  • Unstructured
  • Can be a mess. Main users need to keep information organized.

Advanced Reasons

Wiki are generally open to encourage collaboration. They do not need to be open, but they should always be collaborative.

Other reasons for a wiki:
  • collaboration. I don't need to ask someone for the lastest version of a document in order to to minor revisions.
  • A good wiki will allow a user to get an alert when a page is edited
  • A good wiki has a good search engine
  • a good wiki keeps a list of revisions
  • my preferred wiki, allows for different workspace, which can be public of private.

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